Our farm is located between Middelkerke and Nieuwpoort. 

Nieuwpoort (8km) is very interesting to visit. It is the Monte Carlo of the Belgian coast with its yachting marina and port. The River IJzer reaches the sea at Nieuwpoort, via a complex of locks known as the 'Ganzepoot' (The Goose's Foot). In 1914 these locks were opened to flood the Ijzer plain, thereby preventing any further German advance. Nearby stands a monument to King Albert I, who commanded the Belgian Army during the First World War. k

Middelkerke (10km) is a coastal resort which offers a good mix for a great seaside holiday. A lovely shoreline!

At Keiem (8km) there's a cemetry which is the last resting place of 628 soldiers from the 8th and 13th Line Regiments of the Belgian Army. At Ramskapelle (10 km) there's a concentration cemetry with graves of 634 Belgian soldiers of whom 400 are unidentified.

At Vladslo (10 km) there is the German military cemetery which is the last resting place of Peter Kollwitz, a young student volunteer who was just 17 years of age when he was killed in October 1914. Deeply affected by her son's death, Käthe Kollwitz created her world-famous sculpture 'The Grieving Parents'.

At Coxyde (18 km) the 'Coxyde Military Cemetry' occuppies a unique location in the sand dunes. The site was originally opened by French troops in 1917 and now contains 1507 Commonwealth graves from the First World War.

At Diksmuide (13 km) there is the IJzer Tower, Gate of Peace and IJzer Crypt. These 3 monuments commemorate the heroic struggle of the Flemish people tot achieve their national identity, but also reflect the desire of alle nations for peace. Two kilometers further aolong the River IJzer stands one of the most evocative reminders of the war in the Westhoek: the so-called 'Trench of Death'. This kilometre-long netword of revetments, saps and dug-outs was one of the most dangerous Belgian positions on the Western Front, situated just 50 metres from a German bunker. As a result, the trench was subjected to almost constant fire from German snipers and machine guns.

Ypres is at 35 km. 

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